WATCH: “Not my pants ripped on live TV” Lil Nas X is the queer gift who keeps on giving


“He needs to tone it down”, said the far-right Christian movement… and then after seconds of some gentle consideration: “Nah let’s make it gayer”, the queer gods laughingly replied.

Lil Nas X proves he is the queer gift who keeps on giving, as his pants rip during a live performance of Montero (Call Me By Your Name) on SNL last night and his face during the wardrobe malfunction and subsequent Twitter response was perfection:

The performance was a gloriously gay romp anyway, but the unscheduled flashing of his crotch area – followed by his simply adorable facial reaction as it happened – just added to its amazingness to be honest.

Let’s watch:

I, and I cannot stress this enough, absolutely adore him *pmsl emoji*.

Check out the new video for his latest track Sun Goes Down right here