Watch: Elton John surprises restaurant with impromptu performance of Dua Lipa collab


“I want you all to dance on the table and wave your hands”


You know the drill, you’re about to tuck into an overpriced starter but now you’re not sure you ordered the right thing. It sounded good at the time but the guy on the table next to you just got his food and it looks way better. Actually the guy is quite hot too, I hope he knows I’m only eyeing up his food.


The entertainment starts up – “god I hope they’re not too loud” you think to yourself. “That guy looks a bit like Elton John. Hang on a minute…”


Elton John surprised fellow diners at a restaurant in Cannes over the weekend with an impromptu performance of his new single ‘Cold Heart’, which is a collaboration with Dua Lipa.


The pop icon got behind the decks at La Guérite Beach restaurant, telling onlookers “During lockdown I made this single and it came out yesterday with Dua Lipa.” 

“I want you all to dance on the table and wave your hands.”


EJ posted a clip of the performance to his story, which has since been removed, which he captioned “Thought I’d surprise the people at La Guérite beach restaurant with a performance of the new track.”

Both Elton and Dua hit the headlines together recently over Dababy’s idiotic offensive comments towards gay people and people with HIV and AIDS at one of his live shows.
Both artists publicly condemned his comments, with Dua unfollowing him on Instagram and Elton tweeting about how “A musician’s job is to bring people together” – so it feels poetically poignant that the two would come together for a track so soon after. 
Check out the video of Elton below: