WATCH: Crowd channels Game of Thrones chanting ‘Shame’ at people harassing queer couple for kissing


Even though we don’t really approve of using the phrase ‘Karen’ these days seeing as we have some lovely pals called Karen, this is nonetheless appalling and satisfying in equal measures.

At a holiday resort, Domonique Veasley and her partner (both women of colour) were told they needed to stop showing affection with each other despite white straight couples doing the same all around them. 

The two white women apparently weren’t happy with the kissing in the pool because their children were present (which is a bad thing for some reason, despite the fact that children are intrinsically more accepting than their bigoted parents).

A bystander said “The women asked a queer woman of color to stop kissing her female friend in front of their children, despite there being many other white, straight people in the pool being just as affectionate. The young woman responded to the group of mothers by calling them racists and homophobic for targeting her.”

He continued “When the group of white women were asked by security and other bystanders to apologize, they refused unless they received an apology for being called racists by Dom”

Watch the whole sorry scene yourself below: