Viral videos: Anti-vaxxer rips down LGBT+ dating ads on NYC subway

“It’s gross. You want kids to be looking at this?”


Back in June, dating app OKCupid announced plans to become more queer inclusive by introducing new LGBTQ+ preference tags, allowing you to list parts of your queer identity such as bottom/ bear/ butch/ drag queen and so on. 


Following on from the announcement, the service provider launched the “For Every Single Person” campaign, designed to bring you a match based “on what matters to you”.


The poster campaign reflects several ‘types’ of people – including everything from feminists, to insomniacs, pro-vaxers, also including different LGBTQ+ identities such as pansexual and non-binary people. 


Equally, you can choose not to match with someone if they have opposing views on something you feel strongly about – such as abortion rights, politics and, again, the vaccine. 


An alt-right anti-vaxxer, clearly enraged by this, decided to tear down the posters (with her mate filming, of course, because what’s the point if you can’t post it to social media and try to bag some likes) declaring, as if she was just innocently being ‘captured’ in a moment, “All this is gross. You want kids looking at this? Is that ok??”


Joined by another passenger and the person filming, the video continues as fellow passengers sat there with a look of WTF on their face. 

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“This is disgusting”, the woman continued as she tore through the carriage, continuing to rip down posters about body equality, body confidence and LGBT+ inclusivity, in a display that be described as shocking, only because it’s surprising she didn’t have a ring light in the background and some guy shouting “Aaaaand action”.


So, upload it she did, along with several other posts along the lines of, “I mean look at this shit” above a poster for pansexual inclusivity.


Of course the video went viral and OF COURSE right-wing media lapped it up, with outlets running editorial along the lines of  “It’s nice to see adults in NYC take matters into their own hands”, calling it “sexually suggestive” and “explicit”, accusing them of using “words that would lead a child down a very dark internet search” and “promoting LGBTQ lifestyles, promiscuity, and abortion”.



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