“I’m queer”: Audience member accidentally comes out to friend during comedy set

They say “come out when you’re ready” and, sometimes, that time comes in a room full of people with a camera recording. 


Comedian Zach Zimmerman was performing a gig at the Comedy Cellar in the West Village, NYC, over the weekend when one audience member ended up having ‘the conversation’ mid-way through his set. 


“Are we straight?” Zimmerman asked the crowd, to which one audience member responded laughingly by saying “uh, yeah,” as though it was a given.


Later, Zimmerman, asked the audience member, named Elaina, who she’d come with that evening. “My friend,” she replied.

“Well, are you straight?” Zimmerman then asked the friend, named Quinn. When the friend quickly answers “no,” Elaina, shooketh by the response, replies with a “yes you are!!”


“Did you just come out to her?”, Zimmerman responds excitedly. “Elaina! Is this news?”

“Quinn, you’re not straight?”, Zimmerman double checked. “No, I’m queer, I’m Queer Quinn,” she replied. 


Hilarity and gasps from the crowd then ensued as the comedian ordered champagne for the newly out audience member. 


Zimmerman shared a clip of the surprise confession on social media, captioned: “sometimes you come out to the comedy show and you come out AT the comedy show”.

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Take a look below (watch from 1.16 minutes in for the coming out bit):

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