Viral videos: 12 year-old gamer gloriously shuts down homophobe


The kids are alright. 


The latest LGBT+ related viral video’s come courtesy of user @BumbleBee__ and her 12 year-old brother, who was online playing Call of Duty: Warzone when he got caught in a conversation with another online player about equality.


“You seriously have a problem with people being gay?”, “So you’re homophobic?”, said the 12 year-old in a conversation mid-play, seemingly unaware that his sister, who is a lesbian, was capturing the entire exchange.


“You realize that automatically means I don’t like you”, he continued, “…because that’s really fucked up.”


“Lil bro is 12”, the sister proudly stickered the video, which can be seen here or below, along with the caption “I’m glad he’s starting to learn from my civil rights rants”.


Then in a follow-up video, which can be seen here or below, the 12 year-old continues, “You realize LGBTQ isn’t only gay, y’know?”


Continuing, “If you’re trans that doesn’t mean you’re still gay”, “I genuinely do care and I want to have this argument, that’s fucked up” the 12 *clap* year *clap* old *clap* continued. 


Who says the kids are too young to learn about this stuff?


The two videos have been viewed millions of times. Take a look below:



I'm glad he's starting to learn from my civil rights rants. ##hestryinghisbest #homophobia ##brothers

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that's my boy ##brothers #homophobia ##lgbt ##A+

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