Video of 87-year-old grandmother in India accepting her trans granddaughter is just what we needed today


“If I can be 87 & accepting, I’m sure you can too”


An 87-year-old grandmother in India can be seen in a video – currently proving popular on social media – telling her story of love and acceptance with her granddaughter Kali.


“I was worried about her future,” the grandmother said in the Instagram clip. “How would society treat her? What would our relatives say? But once I got better, I could see Kali suffering.”


Kali – who was was assigned male at birth – revealed on her own Instagram that at first her grandmother was  upset to learn about her granddaughters truth, but that soon changed. 


“My grandmother was and is still my biggest support in my life. When I came out to her, I was scared she may not understand it and our relationship getting ruined”.

“She was extremely worried at first about how society would treat me and had some health issues because of the stress, but she never let me know that she was worried”.

“Slowly with time, she started getting better and now Fully loves me as the woman I am”, Kali said in a post. 


Check out the heart warming video below: 

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