Britney is back, bitch.


Britney Spears‘ first new material in SIX years – and her first release since been released from her conservatorship – his here. 


It’s a reworking of Elton John’s legendary ‘Tiny Dancer’ and features both queer icons on the song. 


Here’s the track.



Speaking about the pairing, Sir Elton said he hopes the release will help to boost Britney’s confidence as an artist again: 


“It’s hard when you’re young. Britney was broken. I was broken when I got sober. I was in a terrible place,” he told The Guardian.

“I’ve been through that broken feeling and it’s horrible, and, luckily enough, I’ve been sober for 32 years and it’s the happiest I’ve ever been.


“Now, I’ve got the experience to be able to advise people and help them because I don’t want to see any artists in a dark place.

“A lot of artists, you’d think they’d have a lot of self-esteem, but they don’t, and that’s why we go on stage and we get the applause, and then we come off stage and we’re back to square one.”

Here’s some of what the internet is saying:

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