People are sharing their ‘confessions that would get my gay card revoked’ and the results are interesting

Confessions that would get my gay card revoked

“Confessions that would get my gay card revoked.”

Has anyone got some scissors?


Without doubt. one of the top tier aspects of being LGBTQ+ is the common ground we often find with other queer folk, simply because ‘they just get it’. 


Whether it’s STANNING certain artists or TV shows, sharing unique point of view based on lived experience, or simply enjoying similar activities – when the ties that bind us together are at full force – LGBTQ+ people, as a community, are unstoppable. 

But what about those occasional things where you go against the grain? 


We asked you to share which trends, typically synonymous with LGBTQ+ culture, you don’t fu*k with. 

Your replies were varied (with a few common themes) and brought up some interesting responses.


For example, you’d think everyone would agree on ABBA, right? BIG WRONG.

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Here’s some of your ‘confessions that would get my gay card revoked‘, which you kindly shared with us on Instagram. 

(all good fun, all anonymous) 

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“Beyoncé is shit but I keep quiet about it because it’s easier” 

“Quiet country pub > any busy gay bar”

“I can’t stand Liza Minnelli”

“I don’t moisturise”

“I’m a lesbian and all my friends drag me for not watching Killing Eve”

“Gay bottom here and I have never douched. I also don’t use poppers. So far no complaints.”

“I’m bisexual and I hate flannel shirts and cuffed jeans”

“Ass isn’t even good”

“Rihanna is better than Gaga, Beyoncé, AND Britney. There I said it.”

“Gay guy and I find ‘gym fit’ bodies absolutely not it. And people who use the gym generally can bore off. Am proudly unfit lol”

“I have not once watched a single episode of Drag Race. Ever.” 

“I don’t do casual sex”

“I can’t stand Britney”

“I drink beer from a can” 

“Musicals are the worst”

“Iced coffee sucks”

“Sapphic who has NO lesbian friends at all aha. It’s not intentional but I just don’t.”

“I don’t enjoy Pride”  

“Glee was overrated”

“Have no interest in other peoples dogs. Cats ftw!”

“I don’t like Kylie or Madonna” 

“I hate gay bars”

“I love wearing crocs” 

“I’m sorry but I just don’t get queer eye!!”

“Never seen any of the Real Housewife franchises and I think that guy [Andy Cohen] who presents it is a tool, although I think some gays think that lol”

“I don’t like bumming or being bummed. Sue me.” 

“Never been on and would never go on a ‘gay vay-cay’ – everrrrr”

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