Gay Mormon teen comes out to his Dad and video quickly goes viral



That one big-ass fu*king leap.


Coming out. It’s the one thing that connects all queer people . Even if you never had to do it ‘formally’, we’ve all experienced that ‘I’m going to have to say it’ moment (whether it’s to others or to our self) hanging over us at one point or another in our lifetime. Some of us multiple times and over several facets of our being. 


In a perfect world, we wouldn’t have to come out. We could just… be.


The fact its that coming out can be a really scary thing, particularly for some people where the threat of an unpleasant or hostile reaction can be instantaneously life-changing. 


So we like the stories where, unexpectedly, it turns out good! Enter Austin Swink coming out to his Mormon father and being forward-thinking enough to record it! 


“I was about to leave on my mission for my church, and I got this feeling that I just needed to get it off my chest before I left,” he told USA Today.


“I’m gay,” Austin tearfully told his dad.


Video below:



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