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Asexual Awareness Week (also known as Ace Week) is an international campaign that seeks to educate about asexual, aromantic, demisexual, and grey-asexual experiences.


Asexuality is the absence of sexual attraction to all genders. Asexuality includes a spectrum of many asexual identities under its umbrella.

A grey-asexual (grey ace/grey-a) person, for example, may experience sexual attraction very rarely or only under specific circumstances. While demisexual people only experience sexual attraction after developing a strong emotional bond with someone.

Similarly, somebody who is aromantic does not experience romantic attraction and a grey-romantic person only does rarely. Demiromantic people are only romantically attracted to those they’ve emotionally bonded with first.


Ace week runs annually in the last full week of October and helps to educate and give voice to the often overlooked and misunderstood ‘A‘ in LGBTQIA+

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Let’s take a look at some funny ace posts from the internet!

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asexual memes quotes