Dad walks in on son putting on make-up and the response will melt your heart

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We’re not crying, you’re crying. 


The latest video to go Tiktok viral has us in bits. The clip – titled ‘Dad catches his son with make-up on’ – shows a young kid applying make-up into camera when his father walks in unexpectedly.


“Is this what you want do?” the father asks his son.


Much of the video is in Spanish, but the Dad can be seen comforting his son saying “You’ll be ok. I’ll be OK with you.”


The Dad then embraces his son and says: “I’m with you. I love you. I love you”, before telling him again “I’m always with you” and “do it good”.



The video has currently had over 10.5 million views.


Proving that some parents really do get it right:


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