Comedian Barry Humphries congratulates Dermot O’Leary – who is straight – on coming out as gay



This wins British TV today.


Comedian Barry Humphries – best known for playing Dame Edna Everage – made an appearance on This Morning er… this morning… and the results were truly wonderful. 


Speaking to Friday hosts Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary, Humphries took the time during the segment to congratulate Dermot on his brave coming out: “Well I’ve got a very good memory Dermot, a very good memory, and incidentally I want to congratulate you by the way, seriously, on your courage”, he said.


Barry Humphries as Dame Edna


“Last year, no, no, when he came out and told us about his sexuality”, he continued, lavishing praise on the X Factor UK host. 


All wonderful stuff, there’s only one problem… Dermot is straight.


Of course, Barry was referring to when Monday – Thursday host Phillip Schofield came out live on This Morning back in February 2020, but that didn’t seem matter as co-host Alison Hammond erupted in her signature laughter which, frankly, we could die happy listening to. 


TV GOLD. Take a look here or by watching the clip below: