7 queer and lesbian movies for the girls

Author: Stephanie

It’s cold and gloomy here in Michigan, and when it hits single-digit temps I do my best not to leave the house. If all you want to do is stay in bed & watch movies, I’ve got you covered. Warm up with cute & cozy (sometimes steamy) scenes and enjoy with your fave snacks. (Mine are buttery popcorn and Junior Mints, if you’re wondering.) There’s something for everyone on this list.


7 queer and lesbian movies for the girls:


1) Kissing Jessica Stein

A sweet & funny rom-com set in New York that reminds me of the original Sex & the City (if it wasn’t biphobic).


2) Imagine Me & You

An innocent film about a not-so-innocent affair between a bride and her wedding florist.


3) Happiest Season

December might be behind us but if you’re not ready to let go of the holidays, imagine an old-school stressful family Christmas movie about a lesbian couple in modern-day times.



One of my favorite Netflix movies to come out of the pandemic, this film is based on the Broadway musical and directed by the epic Ryan Murphy of Glee.


5) Chasing Amy

A fun 90s flick by Kevin Smith about a straight male comic-book writer who falls in love with a lesbian (hilarity ensues)



Being a theatre geek myself, I had to include another musical. Queer couples abound in this classic tale.


7) The Matrix: Resurrections

Not blatantly gay but certainly queer-coded, the latest installment of The Matrix saga has cool hair and hot people of all genders to enjoy. Swoon.


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