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Gayish: Let’s talk about furries, because you may have got this all wrong

  When you think of furries, what comes to mind?   There are plenty of stereotypes about furries, ranging from presumed sexual proclivities to accusations that it’s just a fad. The truth is, that’s not the truth.   Using scholarly research, we break down just a few of the common (and incorrect) assumptions about the furry community.

Gayish: homosexuality and snake orgies. Why snakes have a hidden hissssstory as gay rights trailblazers

Author: GayishGayish on GLUE: Two homosexuals, unpacking queer stereotypes one at a time. “It’s not natural!” is an argument that gets thrown in LGBTQ people’s faces far too often. It’s also wildly inaccurate. Homosexual and bisexual behavior has been found in over 450 different animal species. Of the many options, snakes are an interesting creature to explore given the wide variety of 'gayish behaviors' the various species...