REVIEW: Skincare Hack! Home Facials That Turned Out To Be A Gamechanger.


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So here’s my story. Four weeks ago I looked in the mirror and I just felt… sh*t.

Now maybe it was the three (*ahem* large) glasses of wine I‘d consumed the night before. It could be due to my sleep pattern being a bit all over the place lately, or maybe it was just a general feeling of “ugh” thanks to the deadly global pandemic and subsequent break in any kind of normal routine at all.

I guess it’s fair to say that during the pandemic I’d stopped making as much effort with myself: diet, exercise, self-care, skincare and beauty routine. In short, I’d eaten and drank a lot of crap and not done as much of my usual ‘healthy crap’ to balance it out. “Fair enough” I told myself, it’s basically Armageddon outside, what does it matter if I indulge a little bit? And I wasn’t wrong. It’s been a SUPER hard year, for all of us. 

So I decided: losing a year and a half of my social life to COVID-19 is one thing, but I will NOT lose a year and a half of my youth! It was absolutely time to get my proverbial sh*t together and put some effort in so that when things reopen, I look better than I did before we’d even heard the word Coronavirus.

Like any aesthetically-inclined modern-day homo, I’ve always been a fan of skincare and maintaining youthful looks. I was introduced to My Perfect Cosmetics by a friend who insisted I try it (being kind enough to lend me some of theirs before buying any myself).

My Perfect Facial equipment

Their whole ethos is giving people that salon treatment effect from home and their product can be used by anyone, irrespective of gender (which I liked because most skincare is either annoyingly feminine or painfully masculine in its positioning).

I tried the creams first and I loved the box it came in. Dorky, but I’ll swoon for decent packaging. I also adored the feel of the product on my skin. It dried super nice and I felt notably fresher, not just immediately after application but eventually thought the day too.

Next step was trying the home facial – and this was where I fell in love. You mix the product yourself using the equipment provided (there’s enough for several treatments in the pack and make you feel like a profesh), then apply it all over your face and neck using the brush (also provided). Then you just relax (soothing music optional) for thirty minutes.

It began to harden and crack pretty quickly, and I started to resemble a bit of a mummy as my skin tightened and the product worked across my face and neck. After a brief panic about how I looked with the treatment on I just kept myself busy for another 20 minutes (I wouldn’t advise making any important phone calls at this time as your face is literally immobile the more it works). Then, when the full 30 minutes was up, I washed it off easily with a warm water-soaked flannel. Immediately my face looked fresher, a bit like I’d been in a sauna or steam room for a spell.

After a second application the following day the effect of tighter and less tired looking skin was clearer. Three days after that I did my third application and looked even more rejuvenated than the first two! I was delighted! 



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How to apply My Perfect Facial: