The PeePee Pillow… because everyone who wants a cuddly di*k, should have a cuddly di*k

PeePee Pillow

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Penises, but make them cuddly


If you’ve ever found yourself longing for something to cuddle – but also some good di*k – then this could be the ideal product, either for yourself or as a gift. 


Creators of ‘chonky peepees’, PeePee Pillow offer a range of, er, penises which are surprisingly cute and cuddly pillows.

Established in 2020, the Florida-based brand cater for whatever your penis preferences might be, with a range of products offering different shades, lengths and girths. 

Just wan to hold you(r penis)

“When I saw that my cousin had this, I wanted one too”, says Sara R, a proud PeePee Pillow owner. “It’s super cute and always gets laughs when people see it.”


Although the prospect of someone laughing at my penis, personally, isn’t exactly my idea of heaven, we absolutely can see the comedic and cuddly benefits having one of these little (or big, because size doesn’t matter) guys to wrap our arms around at the end of long (or short, because length doesn’t matter) day. 

Along with chonky pillows, the brand also offer slippers, tissue boxes, hats and mini squishy penises too – so a veritable selection of di*k depending on what you’re after.

PeePee Pilliow


Get 10% off at today using code GLUE10.

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