Younger looking skin you say? We’ll take that…



Like most people, I’m a bit obsessed with age reversing regimes, or at least I used be. The pandemic has not only had an impact on our mental health but also on our bodies. My once sculpted gym bod (slight exaggeration) has deteriorated into a mass of fleshy lumps that perhaps were once muscles and my flat stomach now resembles pink frosting escaping its can.


So, while I could have possibly, probably, ok definitely nipped these developments in the bud by getting off my now much chunkier ass and doing some at-home exercises, my skin is a different matter altogether.


The gym tends to push me with a motivation I’ve never found at home, skin care is something that is a lot easier and effective in the confines of your own house. We all love a good facial and have felt and watched as my skin seems to have sagged and worry lines have definitely deepened. I refuse to let Covid-19 deprive me of a whole year’s worth of my waning youth!

Younger looking skin you say? We’ll take that…

Like most people, the lack of social interaction had brought out the introvert in me and its almost as if that perma-frown and worry jowls have taken over my once-youthful visage for good. Never mind hair-cuts, it’s facials I missed and whilst sceptical, having looked in the mirror and seen my nan staring back at me, I was willing to try anything when I was sent My Perfect Facial from My Perfect Cosmetics.


I’m used to overpriced treatments at spas or salons which do bugger all and with facials and masks I always worry them being right for my ‘problem’ skin. One of the ethos of My Perfect Cosmetics is that ‘skincare has no gender’ and with nowhere even open to receive a good pamper, what choice is there! With My Perfect Facial, once you mix up the ingredients (which makes you feel super profesh incidentally), you paint it on with the brush they provide and leave it to pickle.


I have to say I like the feeling of something working and within minutes you can feel it tighten, like if botox worked instantly. I wanted to jump in front of the mirror like Meryl Streep does in Death Becomes Her, declaring ‘I’m a girrrllll’ as she watches her boobs re-pertify and the years drop off her face replaced with a youthful glow after taking a magic potion. While a facial isn’t going to give you immortality, when I took it off my face looked a felt ten times better, like I’d had a proper in salon treatment.

Younger looking skin you say? We’ll take that…

The box says to do three treatments in a week and after the second one I could definitely tell the difference. It’s like my face had finally received a bit of TLC after pretty much giving up on any self-care in that department… or otherwise for that matter. Smoother lines, less saggy/haggy and looking like I’d had more than a few good night’s sleeps!


I’m now really keen to try out their other products and we’ve got you a cheeky deal here at Glue for 20% off if you use the code GLUE20. Stick with us, we’ll have your face ready to face the world again in no time. Click here to find out more and grab that sweet discount.