We’re still in bits over this beautiful trans-positive Christmas commercial

We’re still in bits over this beautiful, trans-positive Christmas commercial

“a reflection of acceptance, respect and above all tolerance.”


Whisky brand J&B has been praised for its latest Christmas commercial, titled ‘She’, which was shared at the beginning of December and celebrates the transgender community.


The Spanish advert features an an older person taking their wife’s lipstick and locking themselves in the bathroom to apply it, in secret.

As the advert progresses, they began adding to their hidden make-up collection and learning how to apply it, growing more and more confident.


Then, a character who appears to be their trans granddaughter arrives at their house, initially introduced as Alvaro. They take them to the bathroom and give them a makeover with the hidden makeup.

‘She’ commercial, by J&B Whiskey
‘She’ commercial, by J&B Whiskey

When they both walk back out to the rest of the family, Alvaro’s true name, Ana, appears on the screen, as the family show Ana a warm and accepting embrace.


In a statement, J&B explained: “It is a Christmas story that tells the beautiful story between a grandfather and his granddaughter, and how the love that unites them is so great that it overcomes any prejudice or barrier that may separate them.”

“This story is a reflection of acceptance, respect and above all tolerance.”

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The marketing manager of J&B’s parent company, Diageo, also explained they wanted to give “visibility to a reality that thousands of people face, including the LGBTIQ+ collective, who seek a safe space to be and show themselves openly.

“But also for families, who often also suffer the absence of those loved ones who, due to their gender identification or sexual preference, are not present at the parties.”



“This ad is beautiful,” said scientist Pablo Echenique on Twitter.

“It has made this straight cis man cry and his very existence means that the need to shield the rights of trans people is the majority in society. It is inexplicable that there are political groups that do not understand it.”
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