WATCH: Matrix 4 title officially revealed as Resurrections and incredible first footage shown


Now we don’t want to be smarty pants here but even though the name for the fourth film in the Matrix series has just bee revealed to be Resurrections, we did tell you that back in February. Call it gay-tuition or maybe just a leak.

New footage has been shown by Warners at CinemaCon and by all accounts it’s blown people’s PVC socks off. In The Matrix Resurrections it seems director Lana Wachowski has a lot to say about the way we use our phones. 

Lana is directing solo without her sister Lily this time but both have said in the past how the original trilogy was an allegory for their trans experience (both siblings are trans women). But enough talk, see some of the new footage below (including a glimpse of Neil Patrick Harris) and get prepared to have your mind blown when the movie comes out on December 22.