Watch: Billy Porter apologises to Harry Styles for Vogue cover comments


“I apologise to you for having your name in my mouth.”

Billy drops a public apology following those Vogue comments.


Last month there was a right old controversy when screen legend Billy Porter made some comments about music legend Harry Styles, for appearing as the first male on the cover of Vogue, which he did wearing a dress. 


Harry for VOGUE 2021


“I’m not dragging Harry Styles, but he is the one you’re going to try and use to represent this new conversation?” Porter said to the Sunday Times in the interview.

“He doesn’t care, he’s just doing it because it’s the thing to do.”


Billy continued: “I created the conversation [about non-binary fashion] and yet Vogue still put Harry Styles, a straight white man, in a dress on their cover for the first time” 

You can read more on that interview here, but needless to say the One Direction/ Harry Styles fandom were not happy and it caused a real drama on social media. 


Now the Emmy-winning actor has made an apology to Harry, during an interview on Stephen Colbert’s US talk show: “Harry Styles, I apologise to you for having your name in my mouth.”


“It’s not about you. The conversation is not about you. The conversation is actually deeper than that. It is about the systems of oppression and erasure of people of colour who contribute to the culture.”


He added: “I’m sorry, Harry. I didn’t mean no harm. I’m a gay man. We like Harry Styles, he’s cute!”


We hear ya there, Billy. 


We stan both these icons so we’re just glad everyone can get along.


Check Billy’s apology in the video below (about 1 minute in) and then keep scrolling for an adorable clip of Harry helping a young fan come out. 


Elsewhere in Harry-land, during one of his Love On Tour shows in Milwaukee on 3 November, Styles helped a fan come out to her mother during his performance. 


“My mom is in Section 201”, said a sign said a sign she was holding up near the stage. “Help me come out.”

Harry then asked if she wanted him to tell her mother for her, which the young girl agreed to.


So that is exactly what he did. KING.


The fan wrote on Twitter after the show: “A moment that will actually be with me forever. Thank you for creating a safe place for me. Thank you for letting me grow along side you as a fan. Thank you for helping me know who I am. Thank you. @Harry_Styles #LoveOnTourMilwaukee #LoveOnTour #SHESGAY.”


Check out a video below: