We have our first LGBT+ Power Ranger



This is awesome but also feels so, so overdue. 


There’s something about the Power Rangers franchise which has always resonated with the queer community. 


My generation of Power Rangers gave me the following experience: I was obsessed with the Pink Ranger and I had the hots for both the Red and the Green Ranger. Oh and Rita Repulsa was that bitch. 


As the years have rolled on, the format and characters may have changed, but the Power Rangers have always been around and they’ve always been straight. They’ve even had gay actors, but never gay characters. 


Until now. 


After a ton of fan speculation, in a recent episode of Power Rangers Dino Fury, Green Ranger Izzy Garcia is seen holding her girlfriend Fern’s hand.



The episode has aired in France but is yet to show on Nickelodeon in the US (but we’re fine to talk about it, since it’s all over the internet).


The scene implies that the pair are going on a date, and they walk off together, with the other members of the Dino Fury squad watching on and discussing how cute they are together. Thus confirming, without any great commotion or hurrah, that she is in fact LGBT+… and it’s not a big deal. 


Lovely stuff! 

While we’re on it, just for old times sake: