WATCH: New Chucky trailer is big bloody gay horror fest!


The final trailer for the new Chucky series is out and it’s more gay than ever. Not only is the main character struggling with his sexuality but it’s also got Jennifer Tilly reprising her role in the franchise and going full camp. 


The new TV series is based on the movie franchise that started in the eighties and has continued on in the cinema ever since. Director of the series Dan Mancini said that he wanted to make the show more gay and he’s certainly done the trick.


Mancini said: “Ever since Bride Of Chucky is when I started deliberately injecting specific gay content into the franchise. And with each successive film, I’ve sort of ramped it up more and more. 


He continued: “I realised that it gave me an opportunity to really be more personal, and even autobiographical than I’ve ever been before. So the character Jake, played by Zach Arthur, there are a lot of autobiographical elements for me in that character. He has a father, played by Devon Sawa, who’s not necessarily very comfortable with his 14-year-old son’s burgeoning sexual and romantic identity”


Brad Dourif, The original voice actor of Chucky repises his role along with the series veterans Alex Vincent, Christine Elis and the aforementioned Jennifer Tilly.


Chucky starts on October 12 on Syfy.