TV presenter Raymond Gutierrez comes out as gay in magazine interview


American-born Filipino TV host Raymond Gutierrez has proudly come out in an interview with American magazine MEGA Entertainment. 


Raymond, 37, is the son of veteran actors Eddie Gutierrez and Anabelle Rama. His twin brother is matinee idol Richard Gutierrez and their older sister Ruffa Gutierrez is an actress and a former pageant queen. Phew, we’d love to spend Christmas round their house fighting over the piano. 


In the interview Raymond says: ‘Growing up, it was hard for me to even acknowledge who I am. Like, what is this? I had my brother who was so similar to me but so different in so many ways. But he never had to explain his sexuality, so why should I? And that was my thinking growing up’


Talking about coming from a showbiz family, he went on: ‘Being part of a family that is in the public space – we’re all entertainers for many generations already – I wasn’t deciding on things just on my own. Things that I do will not only affect me, but will also affect my family. So, that was kind of like the burden that I was carrying,’


See Raymond’s whole Instagram post below and congratulations!