Timothée Chalamet breaks silence on Call Me By Your Name co-star Armie Hammer sexual assault allegations



He finally speaks(ish).


In 2021 Timothée Chalamet is everywhere and it seems like everyone wants some time from the young actor. The same can not be said, however, of his Call Me By Your Name co-star Armie Hammer.


Hammer had to leave several projects this year – including upcoming film Shotgun Wedding where he was set to star opposite Jennifer Lopez – after multiple women accused the actor of sexual abuse following disturbing DM screenshots, claiming to be from Hammer but never confirmed, were posted on the internet. 


The initial messages included references to rape, cannibalism, and blood play, along with fantasies including all three. 


After the DM leaks, several of Hammer’s former partners accused him of being controlling and physically abusive during their relationships. 


Hammer denied all of the claims at the time, and an attorney for the actor said in a statement: “These assertions about Mr. Hammer are patently untrue. Any interactions with this person, or any partner of his, were completely consensual in that they were fully discussed, agreed upon, and mutually participatory.”


Following on from this, Hammer is currently facing rape allegations from a 2017 incident with his former partner, Effie Angelova, who accused Hammer of “violently” raping her in 2017. 


Angelova alleged that he “mentally, emotionally and sexually” abused her during a four-year on/off relationship. At that time, he was still married to Elizabeth Chambers. She went on to say that the abuse became rape in Aoril 2017 when she was still 20-years-old.


In a statement, Hammer’s lawyer denied the rape allegation, stating that the encounter between Hammer and Effie was “completely consensual, discussed and agreed upon in advance, and mutually participatory.”




Now, for the first time since the controversies erupted, in a feature for Time Magazine, Chalamet has somewhat cleverly dodged shared his thoughts on the situation: “I totally get why you’re asking that,” he told the interviewer, “but it’s a question worthy of a larger conversation, and I don’t want to give you a partial response.”


Since the allegations, Hammer’s talent agency, William Morris Endeavor, dropped him as a client and his publicist also stopped representing him.


He has since continued to deny all wrongdoing and has maintained that all of his relationships were consensual.