New trailer for Netflix’s animated series Q-Force is here, and it’s wonderfully queer


Omfg this looks so good.


“You will slay going undercover”, “I am absoLUTELY about to save the day!”


Introducing Steve Maryweather – also know as Agent Mary – “the best of the best” and the leader of the American Intelligence Agency who was about to graduate top of his class… until he announces that he’s gay. 


Unable to fire him on the basis of his sexual orientation, the agency decide instead to ship him off to Hollywood, where he goes rogue with a team of LGBTQ+ superspies (complete with rainbow grenades). They become known as ‘The Q-Force’ (queer force), on a mission to tackle crime! 


The animated series stars Sean Hayes (as Agent Mary) from Will & Grace, along with an iconique line-up of Gary Cole, David Harbour, Patti Harrison, Laurie Metcalf, Matt Rogers, Wanda Sykes and Gabe Liedman.


The initial promo received a bit of a mixed response, with some claiming that it it appears to be mocking the queer community. As far as we can tell – its comedy. It’s supposed to satirize and be larger than life, and the trailer made us laugh!  


Have a look below and see what you think: