MORE Ryan Murphy spin-offs announced as FULL trailer for AHS10 drops

Frances Conroy and Evan Peters looking spooky in AHS10

We always imagine those big Hollywood exec meetings with someone shouting ‘More! Bigger! More explosions!’ and it seems Ryan Murphy is more than happy to oblige. 

With American Horror Stories currently doing the rounds and American Crime Story: Impeachment about to be unleashed, it’s been announced that there will be TWO more spin-offs and another American Crime Story. 

Firstly, the fourth series of the highly acclaimed ACS will centre around Studio 54. What’s that we hear you cry? Ryan Murphy series revolving around the height of the disco era? Count us in. We can only imagine who he’s lining up to play the various celebs that used to hang out there.


Next up, the spin-offs. If we’re honest, neither of them are totally tooting our horn but we shall reserve judgment. American Sports Story will look at the rise and fall of NFL superstar Aaron Hernandez while AmericanLove Story will focus on the whirlwind love life of John F.Kennedy Jr. and Carolyn Bessette. 


As for AHS10, the full proper (for reals this time) trailer for Double Feature Part 1 – Red Tide is here and it’s a who’s who of all your faves after the relatively star-lite last series.


Lily Rabe preggers! Evan Peters! Frances Conroy in huge white beehive! Macauley! Creepy little girl! Feast your greedy eyes below on the looooong awaited show that comes to FX on August 25.