Married at First Sight UK becomes first iteration to feature a gay male couple


While homophobia seems to be rife in the UK right now, over in the media things just get better when it comes to visibility and representation. 

The latest international reality series phenomenon since Love Island, namely Married at First Sight UK, is getting a gay male couple making it a world first for the series. 

The line-up of 16 singletons will this series include two gay men who will be matched up and will meet for the first time, you guessed it, at the altar. Melanie Schilling, one of the show’s experts said ‘I’m so excited about us having our first gay same-sex couple here this season.’ 

We can almost hear the gays collectively rolling their eyes however but Mel assures us: ‘You don’t always get it right and we’re not going to put a same-sex couple together just because they’re both gay, it’s got to be a good match and we don’t always find that.’

Fellow matchmaker Paul C. Brunson added his voice to the mix, enthusing:  ‘I think this could be one of the most diverse shows in the love genre that I’ve ever seen. It’s incredibly diverse and it’s a great reflection of what modern-day the world looks like. It’s very cool.’

Well you’ve piqued our interest but mainly because we’ll be looking at the profiles and trying to decipher ‘which ones are the gay ones??’ That’s entertaining enough to watch the first few episodes at least surely? Time will tell.