Kevin Bacon and Theo Germaine to star in conversion therapy horror movie


Conversion therapy is a blight on the LGBTQ+ community and although illegal in many countries, it’s still performed under the guise of religious ‘healing’ all over the world.  

The myriad of practises used under the umbrella term of conversion therapy are varied and can be horrific from electric shock treatment to ‘corrective rape’. The perfect setting for a big budget horror movie it seems, when the subject matter is horrendous to begin with.

Horror master production company Blumhouse are taking on the disturbing subject matter with a film starring and executive produced by Kevin Bacon. The movie will also star Theo Germaine who is non-binary and uses the pronouns they/them and he/him. 

Written by John Logan, the project is being billed as an LGBTQIA+ empowerment feature. Logan has been nominated for three Oscars for Skyfall, Gladiator and The Aviator so we can expect and expertly crafted thriller that’s all the scarier for being true. 

Conversion therapy camps have been depicted in recent films Boy Erased and The Miseducation Of Cameron Post, as well as the ’90s cult favourite But I’m A Cheerleader (see the trailer below, it’s WELL worth a watch).