ITV confirms John Barrowman will not return to Dancing On Ice after admitting exposure


Actor and west end star John Barrowman has been axed from his judging position from ITV reality show after admitting that he exposed himself numerous times on sets in the past.


Back in May we reported that the presenter and judge on Dancing on Ice had been removed from a forthcoming Dr Who live show (the actor played the character Captain Jack numerous times) due to what he tried to pass off as ‘tomfoolery’. 


Owing to the fact he’s gay, it wasn’t a forgone conclusion that he would be sacked seeing as he and his co-stars always assumed it was ‘a laugh’ when if he was straight it would be considered far more sinister.


An unearthed video of Noel Clarke (himself accused of harassment by over 20 women) discussing how Barrowman repeatedly got his penis out on set was a damning testimony and the women present looked visibly uncomfortable. 


ITV said in a statement ““We thank John for two brilliant years on the Dancing on Ice panel and are pleased to be working with him again as host of the forthcoming All Star Musicals specials.”


Barrowman maintains it was to make other people and himself feel more comfortable and to entertain showing contrition in a statement at the time: “As Captain Jack Harkness I was the star of Torchwood, so I felt it was down to me to lead the company and keep them entertained. My actions were simply designed to defuse any potential awkwardness among the cast and crew.” 


What is the world coming to when a gay guy can’t even get his dick out in public for a laugh anymore? Political correctness gone mad. Or maybe just keep it in your pants.