It’s A Sin star Omari Douglas is now the front runner to play Doctor Who


A little while ago, rumours were abound that It’s A Sin and Years & Years star Olly Alexander was being touted to play the new Doctor Who. Well, now it seems his fellow cast mate Omari Douglas is now the front runner. 


Omari was one of the stand out stars of It’s A Sin playing Roscoe Babatunde with a humour and pathos that are the perfect combo for Doctor Who. Current star Jodie Whittaker is due to step down after breaking down barriers being the first female Time Lord. 


A source close to the BBC said: ‘Omari is the perfect candidate on so many levels, including the fact that the BBC said they’d prefer the Doctor to be played by a non-white actor. He has also struck up the kind of close working relationship with Russell that helped Christopher [Ecclestone] and David [Tennant] get the sought after role. Although he’s not quite a household name yet, he’s proved he’s a great actor with a memorable performance in It’s a Sin.’ 

Having a queer man of colour as the 14th Doctor, one of the top roles in science fiction prime time TV, is a big deal so we are keeping out fingers crossed that they go with Douglas and maybe even counteract some of the BBC’s recent bad press.