Hollyoaks actor Gerard McCarthy comes out as non-binary

Gerard McCarthy in Hollyoaks

Former Hollyoaks actor Gerard McCarthy has come out as non-binary during Pride month.


Actor and writer Gerard McCarthy has come out as non-binary, with an Instagram post this week.


“Since I was a child, my relationship with my own sexuality, gender identity and place in this world has always been a rollercoaster of a journey for me,” McCarthy said.

“It’s an aspect of myself that I’ve never embraced, loved or understood. As a result, I’ve always kept my guard up and tried to avoid talking about it.

“I’ve never spoken honestly about it because I’ve been worried about how other people might react, and afraid of not having satisfactory answers to the questions that I’ll be asked,” they continued.

Gerrard as Kris in Hollyoaks

McCarthy is best known for having played openly queer character Kris Fisher in Channel 4’s Hollyoaks between 2006 and 2010 and has since turned their hand to writing, with award-winning short film Just Johnny among their credits. 


During Kris’ era on the popular TV show, even in 2006, there were far fewer queer characters represented onscreen compared to now, so Kris quickly became a recognizable face and a hit with LGBTQ+ fans in the UK.  


The actor explained in the post: “Going forward, I’m using the pronouns they/them as well as he/him.

“I don’t want anyone who has always referred to me as he/him to start overthinking it or worrying about it too much’, Kris added. 


Take a look at the post below. Big congrats, Kris!

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