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Trans man told to use women’s bathroom, then gets beaten by three cis guys before police arrive and HE gets arrested

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Transgender man in Ohio was told to use women’s bathroom, then beaten by three cis guys, then the police came and arrested HIM.


On July 3, 20-year-old Noah Ruiz was asked to use the women’s bathroom during a camping trip at a Cross’s Campground in Camden, Ohio.


While he and his girlfriend were in the women’s bathroom, a woman unknown to them both reportedly became upset.


Ruiz, who was assigned female at birth, was later beaten and arrested for using the women’s restroom, even though that was exactly what he’d been told to do.


“I was using the bathroom, and she just started shouting,” Ruiz told WXIX. “She was like, ‘Who the [expletive] is in here?’ And I replied, ‘I am.’ My girlfriend replied, ‘I am as well.’ She was like, ‘No man should be in this bathroom. Like, if you’re a man you need to use a man’s bathroom.’”


Ruiz explained to the woman that he is transgender and had been told to use the women’s bathroom by the campground’s owner.

20-year-old Noah Ruiz

As Ruiz left the bathroom, he said three large men approached him and an altercation ensued where he was called a homophobic slur and beaten, resulting in bruises as well as several cuts and gashes across his body.

“They, like, grabbed me up off the ground. They choked me out”, Ruiz told the outlet.


“They said, ‘I’ll kill you, you [expletive] doing all this.’ And I said, ‘Dude, I’m not, I’m using the right bathroom. Rick Cross, the owner of this establishment, told me to use the bathroom. I’m following the rules’”


Following the ordeal, Preble County sheriff’s deputies showed up to respond the situation… and arrested Ruiz for disorderly conduct and obstructing official business.


Preble County Michael Simpson said the deputies who attended weren’t initially aware of the assault, that a large crowd had gathered, and that Ruiz was ‘highly intoxicated and that he was becoming belligerent.’

Speaking after the incident, Ruiz’s mother explained the situation a little further, saying:

“Noah was so upset at the time, he was trying to explain what has happened, and no one was listening to him.”


“So Noah did then get out of hand, and he admits to his part of getting out of hand, from screaming, yelling. He was in defence mode, and when police got there, they didn’t listen to him”, she explained.

“They just immediately started shoving him to the ground and doing what they needed to do”


Following his arrest, Ruiz’s was eventually able to file an assault report with the sheriff’s office, understandably wanting his attackers to be held accountable for their actions.