“How disappointing”: Stephen Fry says he ‘won’t abandon’ J.K. Rowling and sits firmly on the fence over trans rights in latest interview

Stephen Fry
Stephen Fry. Image: Dave Benett/Getty Images)

“So disappointing”: Stephen Fry has pissed people off with his latest interview, saying he ‘won’t abandon’ JK Rowling and sitting firmly on the fence over trans human rights


Stephen Fry has been a hot topic on Twitter today, following a guest spot on Roger Bolton’s Beeb Watch podcast (November 18), where the actor and comedian – who is gay – commented some fairly half-arsed remarks about the daily discrimination endured by his trans siblings online.

Stephen Fry
Stephen Fry. Image: Dave Benett/Getty Images)

Fry, who presumably remembers the years of near identical demonising witch-hunts he faced as a gay man living in former decades, said that he doesn’t want to condemn JK Rowling for her views on transgender people, despite them making his friends “deeply upset”.


Rowling, who has used her 14MILLION followers Twitter account in recent years *almost exclusively* to share anti-trans commentary and negative one-sided news articles, is of course obsessionally worshipped highly regarded by TERFs and “gender-critical” activists.

The same people who, fuelled by the rhetoric and sentiment she posts, will daily make it their business to dogpile, harass and abuse trans people online.


More recently and perhaps more notably, much-loved gay broadcaster Graham Norton was forced off the app as a result of relentless abuse from Rowling subscribers. However, this is simply the reality and level of volatility that trans people – who aren’t Norton, with millions of followers themselves – face every day on the platform.


When Stephen Fry was asked if he would ever get involved in the ‘debate’ around Rowling and the transgender community, he admitted it was a “cowardly” reply, and answered:


‘I wouldn’t. I’m aware you’re talking about an issue where two sides are very sore and very anxious about their enemies. I can’t bare it.’

‘She’s still a friend of mine, and I have trans friends and intersex friends, who are deeply upset by her,’ he continued.

‘And that’s a circle I have to square personally. I’m not going to abandon my friends.’


Fry insisted Rowling ‘doesn’t want to see trans people bullied, alienated, shut out of society, made to feel ashamed, guilty, laughed at, all those things.’

He added however, that ‘there are people who believe that safe feminine spaces and the idea of the difference between sex and gender is very important.’


What he would like to see, he added, was both sides to ‘consider that it is possible for trans people to live full, accepted lives, according to their terms, in society.

‘And for women to have all the rights and dignities that they demand.’


He added he wished both sides would stop fighting, but ‘it isn’t possible if each side looks on the other as an enemy, and the trans people just shout ‘”TERF” and the feminists just… seem to undermine the dignity and rights of the trans community.’


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Many stars of the Harry Potter movies, including Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, have spoken out in support of the trans community following Rowling’s persistent remarks.


So many folks online were a little disappointed to see Stephen remaining so neutral on what is currently a critical matter within his community.  


“i wonder if stephen fry is aware that terfs would quite happily strip him of his marriage rights. they’re not just anti-trans they’re anti-lgbt+ in general”, said on user. 

“one of jk rowling’s besties on here is a conversion therapy advocate who thinks ‘gayness’ is a sickness.”


While another said:

“Stephen Fry saying “my trans friends are deeply upset by JK Rowling” is a good example of what a lot of us have to put up with – your supposed “friend” prioritising the FEELINGS of their other more important holy friends, even after witnessing those same holy friends attack you.”


Read some of the commentary on the matter below: