Over 80,000 sign petition to include trans people in conversion therapy ban as Downing Street protest gets underway

Protests take place in Central London (10 April) demanding the inclusion of Transgender people in a UK conversion therapy ban

Government petition picks up speed, London Mayor speaks out for the Trans community, and protests begin on Downing Street.


Following the UK Government’s shameful U-turn decision to exclude Transgender people from a long-promised conversion therapy ban, a petition is rapidly building up pace demanding that Prime Minister Boris Johnson revert back to his original promise of a trans-inclusive ban that protects all LGBTQ+ people.


The Tory Government sparked outrage after confirming their plans to treat trans conversion therapy separately to gay conversion therapy when they legislate the ban “due to their concerns about “unintended consequences”, particularly for under 18s.”


UK LGBT+ Business Adviser Iain Anderson handed in his notice as a response to the ‘damaging’ stance and the Government was forced to cancel its flagship LGBTQ+ conference ‘Safe be Be Me’, which was due to take place this June to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the first official London Pride, after it fell into disarray following the withdrawal of at least 120 LGBTQ+ groups, all protesting the decision.


“Trans people are no less worth of respect, care and protection than cis lesbian, gay and bi people. If the UK government cannot stand behind and respect all LGBTQ+ people’s fundamental human rights, it should not be convening an LGBTQ+ rights conference on the global stage,” a statement from the groups.


More than one in 10 trans people have been offered or have undergone conversion therapy, according to the government’s own National LGBT Survey.


“It’s shameful that the UK intends to deliberately exclude trans people from a ban in contrast to the approach taken by many countries, despite trans people being at a greater risk of experiencing the harmful and degrading practices,” the petition reads.

“The government’s own figures show that trans people are nearly twice as likely to be at risk of experiencing the harmful and degrading practices of conversion therapy.”


Once a petition reaches 100,000 signatures, it gets considered for debate in Parliament. Sign the petition to ensure Trans people are fully protected under the conversion therapy ban by clicking here.


Then, once you’ve done that, Email your local MP using this link – it writes everything out for you, so only takes two seconds and doing so can make a HUGE difference. 


London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, referenced the Government’s treatment of trans people on 9 April, saying: “I know how heartbreaking it has been for many Londoners about how some politicians and many people in the media talk about the trans community.”

“I’m quite clear that trans rights are human rights, and I’m also quite clear that here in London you’re free to be who you want to be.”

Then adding, “You’re not simply tolerated, you’re respected, you’re celebrated and you’re embraced. That’s going to be the case as long as I’m the mayor.”


On Sunday (10 April) protesters gathered in Parliament Street, London, to protest the revised ban and demand that Trans people be protected equally under the legislation.

Organisers Ban Conversion Therapy said in a Tweet: “There must be no exemptions to ending abhorrent conversion practices. There is no excuse for abuse.”


Hundreds of people gathered to make it clear that WE STAND AS A COMMUNITY. #LGBwiththeT