Macy Gray faces backlash for ‘transphobic’ remarks, while JK Rowling vows to buy her back catalogue as a thank you


Nineties pop star Macy Gray has appeared on Piers Morgan Uncensored to make several incendiary anti-trans remarks, leaving JK Rowling delighted.


Oh dear. Immediately after LGBTQ+ Bette Midler fans were left conflicted by some seemingly anti-trans statements on Twitter, musician Macy Gray has gone quite a few steps further saying:

“I will say this and everyone’s gonna hate me but as a woman, just because you go change your [body] parts, doesn’t make you a woman, sorry.”


Clearly she has found the right audience in Morgan, who courts controversy on a daily basis purely for headlines and to expand his profile/ bank balance.

Morgan , 57, has made a daily theme out of probing the guests he books on the topic of trans rights, in this instance speaking to Gray, 54,  about trans inclusion in sports.


Following the caveat that he ‘supports all trans rights to fairness and equality’ – to which she agrees, Gray then goes on to say in the lengthy interview (which you can see in full below):

‘I know that for a fact. Like if you want me to call you a her, I will, ‘cause that’s what you want, but that doesn’t make you a woman just ‘cause I call you a her and just because you got a surgery.’



Of course, wasting no time at all, as she didn’t one day earlier with Midler, JK Rowling didn’t skip a beat in lending her support to the star.


Here we are again with the same argument going around in circles, with media outlets trying to drag everyone in for a quote that they can regurgitate in order to rile up their audience further with trans people once again being vilified as a result for simply trying to exist. SIGH.


‘I didn’t have Macy Gray being a terf on my bingo card f**king yikes??? Vis women are so embarrassing like why the f**k you even care. Am I only a woman because of my parts? That’s all we’re limited to?’ one person wrote.


“Less than a year ago, Macy Gray was talking about how much she loves her LGBT+ fans, and cashing cheques from Pride events,”, wrote another. “and now she’s jumped on the TERF grift bandwagon. A dead career can cause one hell of a 180, huh?”


Read some tweets below: