LGBwiththeT: Anti-trans group try to claim gay footballer Josh Cavallo and he shuts them down



Josh Cavallo said trans rights.


Adelaide United football player Josh Cavallo came out in a heartfelt post on October 27, in a huge move for representation, making him the world’s only current openly gay male top-flight professional footballer.


Of course in doing so, he received congratulations from people all over the world. But when trans-exclusionary group LGB Alliance reached out to him, clearly attempting to ‘claim him’ on a public platform, he was having none of it.

So he replied on that same public platform several days later (November 7) to shut it down – and we are living for it. 




Yes, Josh! Coming out is one thing – a huge thing – but showing that you can be a good LGBT+ ally to the whole community is absolutely what we love to see.