Appeal against trans-exclusionary group the LGB Alliance will be heard in May 2022



Mermaids, the trans youth charity, have confirmed that there will be a ‘full hearing’ in May 2022.


The LGB Alliance, a trans-exclusionary UK group who form a relatively small but annoyingly loud group of gay, lesbian and bisexual people, were shockingly granted official charity status by the Charity Commission back in April. 


They position themselves as a charity whose objective is to “advance the interests of lesbians, gay men and bisexuals, and stand up for our right to live as same-sex attracted people without discrimination or disadvantage” – whilst completely excluding (ironically, therefore, discriminating against) trans individuals. In turn, attempting to segregate a community that has fought side-by-side for decades. 


The decision to afford them charity status was obviously met with a lot of upset, anger and, well, confusion. Because… it’s absolutely mental that in 2021 the government would grant charity status to a group who exclude people based solely on them being queer WTF??!  


Back in June, Mermaids announced that they would appeal the decision to give the anti-trans pressure group its charity status with the support of a CrowdJustice page and basically the majority of the rest of our community. 


It has now been confirmed that a full hearing of the appeal will take place in May 2022.


Photograph: Wiktor Szymanowicz/REX/Shutterstock


“We are pleased that the Tribunal has made the decision that there will be one hearing that deals with everything”, Mermaids said in a statement, as the LGB Alliance (LGBA) “wanted a separate hearing to determine whether or not Mermaids had ‘legal standing’ to bring the claim at all”.

Continuing: “We believe they wanted to close the conversation without having to properly explain themselves.”


“We look forward to the hearing where the LGB Alliance will have to explain themselves. To be registered as a charity, an organisation must be established exclusively for charitable purposes. LGB Alliance does not stand for LGB rights, but exists to divide our community and denigrate trans people and those who support them.”


Let’s hope for the best possible result in May… there IS NO LGB without the T. Respect ALL queer identities, or you respect NONE.


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