Trans student chosen as Homecoming Princess learns she may have been selected as a “cruel prank” – her response is incredible

A trans High School student vowed to fulfil her Homecoming duties after learning her election may have been a prank


15-year-old Cass Steiner was voted for by her peers to be the sophomore Homecoming Princess 2022 at Mariemont High School, Ohio. 

A wonderful moment made sour after a school guidance councillor informed her, and her excited parents, that it may have been rooted in a cruel prank. 


“Originally, I was really, really, really excited,” Cass told FOX-19. “Just the thought that I had a chance to make history here.”

Cass’ family, understandably, were overjoyed and when she got home helped her to celebrate.


Her mother, Kat, said she “was absolutely thrilled” for her daughter – until the school counsellor got in touch to say parents had reached out with a warning that Cass’s victory was potentially, in-part, a prank by other students.

“She transitioned this year. So at 15 transitioning. Last time this year she was the goalie for the male, the boy’s soccer team,” said Cass’ mom.

“We understood that there may have been some mean-spirited voting going on behind the scenes. And as a parent it just broke my heart,” she said.

“It kind of brought down my spirits a little bit,” Cass added.


The counsellor then asked Cass and her mom if she wanted to decline the title, but Cass gracefully said no – and what happened after was pretty beautiful. 


“If I step down then there’s nothing I’m getting out of it. There’s nothing showing that I’m proud,” Cass said.


Not only did Cass decide to wear her crown – and slay the role of Homecoming Princess – but her whole community rallied round and supported her. 



Parent Erin Satterwhite helped organize the group of supporters.

“Cassie’s story, it just spoke to me as a mom,” Satterwhite said. “And this is an inclusive, kind, supportive community and I wanted that message to be shared and not the original message that was shared.”


Speaking to WLWT, Cass said that defiantly following through in her role as Homecoming Princess helped show her classmates the confidence her transition has given her. 


“If anything, hearing the negativity empowered me because it made me realize that they are going out of their way to notice me. They’re noticing how bold I am.”

“If you did vote for me with negative intentions thank you because I still won the vote and I’m willing to advocate for my community as a whole,” she said.



“I think it’s really empowering because finding myself as a whole was really hard, but now that I’m here and a better version of myself, I’m so much happier, and people in my class and my peers have noticed that”, she said. 



Wonderfully, the school were behind her too and, when she didn’t have an escort for the ceremony, the principal walked with her.

“Having those people escort me and be there for me is really empowering and showing that the school is there for me,” Cass said. “And they are 100 percent supportive.”


So she may have won the title of princess, but unquestionably she served Queen mentality on the day! 


What an inspiration. We love you, Cass! 


See Cass’s Mom and Step-father talking, here

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