Tory MP Lee Anderson makes foul transphobic remarks and misgenders Eddie Izzard on camera

Lee Anderson

Tory MP Lee Anderson makes foul transphobic remarks and misgenders Eddie Izzard on camera

Tory MP Lee Anderson wouldn’t want to follow Eddie Izzard into a toilet, no official word yet on who he would like to follow into a toilet. 


Lee Anderson, MP for Ashfield in Nottinghamshire, was filmed for a slot on Talk TV yesterday (October 27), where he made several offensive remarks about trans comedian, actor and activist Eddie Izzard.


Izzard launched her bid this month to become the MP for Sheffield Central after the constituency’s incumbent, Paul Blomfield, announced he would be standing down at the next general election.


Anderson told the Talk TV host: ‘I think Labour have got 51% of their MPs now, in parliament, are females.”

‘Now, if Eddie Izzard gets elected, I don’t know whether that increases or decreases the percentage.”


Then misgendering Izzard, Anderson said: ‘Because I’m not sure what [she’s] all about, Keir Starmer’s not sure what [she’s] all about.


‘And you know what, the old traditional working-class Labour voters will take a look at Eddie Izzard and think, y’know, really?

‘Is that what’s coming to Parliament? I think it opens a whole new debate, mate.’

‘I’m going to be honest now, controversial as always, if [she] does get elected and I’m still here, I shouldn’t be following [her] into the toilets.’


Anderson then shared the interview to his Facebook, captioned: ‘Calling The Nonsense Out. Somebody had to say it.’




Gay MP Chris Bryant told the Guardian: ‘Eddie is more than capable of defending herself and has run more marathons for charity than this chap could ever manage.’

‘But what I don’t understand is why playground bullies always think they are God’s gift to humanity and that LGBT folk are just waiting to pounce on them in the loo.’

‘Talk about delusional!’


Izzard herself hit back at the comments, saying the MPs should “join the 21st century”.


“This is how they use to talk about gay men in the 70s and 80s”, said one user. “It is not ok” 


While many others questioned why Anderson would be wanting to ‘follow anyone into the bathroom’ in the first place. 

Eddie Izzard
Eddie Izzard (image: Getty)


As a result of Eddie (who it should be noted has raised millions for charity and is widely recognised as one of the most successful, multi award-winning comedians the country has ever produced) campaigning to become a Labour candidate, she has also become the latest target for transphobic and “gender-critical” voices on social media. 


The groups regularly dogpile the comedian and anyone who supports her on Twitter, consequently Izzard has been trending on the planform regularly in recent weeks.


After being offered a place on an all-women shortlist, transphobes were raging, forcing Izzard to respond, saying:

‘This has been a position that I have held since joining the Labour Party in 1995. I have never changed my position on this and never asked anyone to change the position for me now,’ she said.


Some tweets below regarding the Anderson remarks: