“They are not allies” – did Crocs pull out of DragCon UK because of right-wing backlash?

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Drag Race UK/ Crocs

Performative pumps?


RuPaul’s DragCon U.K. — one of the world’s largest drag conferences — returned to London this past weekend.

The three-day event, which drew approximately 150 drag performers and thousands of fans of all ages from around the world, was a huge success in spite of rising tensions across the pond.


As the anti-drag movement in America – largely orchestrated by US GOP politicians and right-wing, anti-LGBTQ commentators continues to accelerate, shoe brand Crocs faced backlash for its involvement with the Drag Race brand.


Both Crocs and Teletubbies were set to sponsor the event, but only the latter appeared to be involved on the day. 

Crocs stock a ‘Pride collection’ and sell rainbow-striped merch such as clogs, tote bags and sandals.

Crocs’ Pride Collection

Anti-LGBT social media account LibsofTikTok tweeted that Crocs was “sponsoring and promoting child drag shows where children perform dressed up in drag”. While right-wing outlets ran stories like, “Yet another brand has fallen to the woke agenda”, “the beloved American brand Crocs, famous for its comfortable casual shoes, is cosponsoring and promoting a drag show with children at an upcoming event in London.”


As DragCon 2023 closed and celebrated a triumphant weekend, Drag Race UK season 3 alum River Medway tweeted slamming the shoe brand for pulling out of the family friendly event – only a day before it went ahead.

Medway said that the brand was “worried about the backlash from the extreme right”, adding “let it be known that they are not allies and any “support” for our community has been performative”

Queer content creator Lottie L’Amour said:

“Crocs pulling sponsorship from dragcon because a few homophobes didn’t like that there was an all-ages drag runway is the reason why these brands aren’t your friends. Watch them come out with a rainbow croc for pride season though”