The Last Leg presenter says sorry, amidst backlash over “sick” World Cup sketch about LGBT “heads on spikes”

The Last Leg's parody hit a bum note with many viewers


The Last Leg presenter says sorry to one fan, amidst backlash from some over “sick” World Cup sketch about LGBT “heads on spikes”


The Last Leg’s Adam Hill has shared an apology to one fan after some LGBTQ+ viewers were left stunned by a “sick” and “tone deaf” parody song which aired during the most recent boradcast.


The controversy arose because of a reworking of popular England football anthem ‘Three Lions’, which had been altered to poke fun at FIFAs controversial decision to host the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, where it’s illegal to be gay.

LGBTQ+ people in Qatar can be jailed for up to six years if convicted of having sex, and under Sharia law homosexuality is punishable by the death penalty.


Additionally, Qatar’s human rights record is abysmal, and it’s reported that 6,500 migrant construction workers died in the process of building their World Cup stadiums.

The Last Leg’s parody hit a bum note with many viewers

The Last Leg parodying current political climates is no new thing, but for some viewers this particular performance – though perhaps well-intended – landed a little left of the mark.


The team referenced the controversy surrounding Qatar and the 2022 World Cup, switching up the line “It’s coming home”, to “Its coming home, it’s coming home-aphobic.”

All fine.


Another lyric was tweaked to: “Cheer them all you like, but they say gay is sinning.”

Also fine.

But the bit people took issue with was a particular 12 seconds, which included a line about beloved British comedian and Drag Race UK judge, Alan Carr:

“In Qatar, if Alan Carr toured and was joined by Boy George and then even RuPaul, they could end up three heads on a spike.”

Fans were quick to comment on the show’s World Cup Anthem for Qatar – with many left absolutely gobsmacked.


“So The Last Leg did a cheery version of Three Lions about gay people being beheaded”, said one user.

“I’m fully aware that it was done as a satirical barb at Qatar but it was still an audience gleefully singing “three heads on a spike”. Absolutely gruesome and unbelievably wrongheaded.”


While another said: “I know last leg is very tongue in cheek but a gay club was just shot up and multiple people died on the eve of trans awareness day so this is fucking abhorrent.”



With the topic still being discussed and the video still being shared online, presenter Adam Hill replied to one fan (November 23) saying:

“I’m sorry. This song was intended to be a protest at the World Cup being held in Qatar where it is illegal to be gay,” he wrote.

“It was filmed and aired before the horrific shooting in America.”



Take a look at the full song below, along with some other tweets about the performance, to see what people are saying.