Texas pizzeria sparks outrage for ‘Jeffrey Dahmer Special’ display, while eBay blocks Dahmer-themed Halloween costumes

Jeffrey Dahmer pizza Halloween
Image: TMZ

Texas pizzeria sparks outrage for ‘Jeffrey Dahmer Special’ display, while eBay blocks Dahmer-themed Halloween costumes

“If Jeffery Dahmer had preyed upon young, blonde, white women, there is not a single person who’d be dressing up their kids as him for Halloween nor a single one of you who’d find it funny.”


Capital Pizza in Lubbock, Texas is facing some backlash for its latest window display – called the “Jeffrey Dahmer Special.”


The display was inspired by the success of Netflix’s controversial drama series, which portrays the real-life case of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer, portrayed by Evan Peters.

Dahmer murdered and dismembered seventeen men and boys, most of whom were Black, in Wisconsin between 1978 and 1991.

He was sentenced to life in prison in 1992, before ultimately being beaten to death by another inmate in 1994.

Jeffrey Dahmer pizza Halloween
Image: TMZ

Capital Pizza’s store manager told TMZ that the display – which includes a severed finger, an eyeball, blood and guts – is made of ramen noodles and pepperoncini garnish.


Adding that the display has been out for around 3 weeks, and while it has drawn some complaints, others have brought their kids along to take pictures beside it. 

Jeffrey Dahmer pizza Halloween
Image: TMZ

Social media users have been sharing their thoughts on the gimmick, with the majority saying it is “poor taste” to make light of the death of innocent people and disrespectful to their grieving families. 


One tweeter called the display, “further proof that there are some really twisted ass ppl in this world”.


Meanwhile, eBay yesterday (October 22) confirmed that Jeffrey Dahmer costumes have been banned on the platform and are currently being removed under its “Violence and Violent Criminal Policy, per CNN.

The policy outlines, “Listings that promote or glorify violence or violent acts, or are associated with individuals who are notorious for committing violent acts, are not allowed.”


For days now, social media users have been voicing their disgust (some tweets below) that people are enthusiastically dressing themselves as Dahmer for Halloween. 

There has been a particular backlash over some sharing images of their young kids (we won’t share the images, because of their age) dressed as the killer. 


The mother of Tony Hughes, one of Dahmer’s victims, has called out stores for selling Halloween costumes themed around the show.

“It hurts for Netflix and all the online stores to profit off my son’s death… If Netflix hadn’t streamed the show, none of the families would be re-victimized… and then there’d be no Dahmer costumes

Hughes was deaf and only 31-years-old when he was killed by Dahmer on May 24, 1991.


While TikToker’s like Jack Wright have faced backlash for recreating scenes from the Netflix drama, for comedy purposes. 


The show has become a divisive talking point online, as some have become fanatical over the story, while others have slammed the streamer for “re-traumatizing” the victims’ families.


Netflix wasn’t required to consult families of those murdered because the events it portrays are public record.