Grindr to introduce a ‘side’ option in filter and preferred position?


Listen up, top, bottom and vers… a SIDE is speaking.


Word on the street (Twitter) is that Grindr is readying itself to roll-out a new option for your preferred sexual position and filter.


As we know, not all sexual encounters involve full penetration. Those exchanges are, obviously, still classed as sex. So what about the many people who exclusively only, or maybe mostly, like just having non-penetrative sex? 


Truth is, there are a lot more sides than you might think in our community, all living their best and most sexually-gratifying life already.

However many, when asked about their sexual position, will just go with ‘top’, ‘vers’, or ‘bottom’ – simply out of ease. 


Enter, Side. 

No a ‘side’, in this instance, in not the delicious food you get next to your name meal. It is also not short for ‘his side bi*ches’.


For those not in the know ‘side’ is a term, already quite common in some parts, which refers to a gay or queer person who does not enjoy anal penetration (giving, receiving), but does enjoy engaging in the wide variety of other forms of same-sex activity (fellatio, frottage, mutual masturbation, etc to name a few).

We can do other stuff.

In short, sex with another person(s), without D2A (di*k to ass) penetration. Also known by me personally as ‘much of my 20s’.


Also, for those now wondering what ‘frottaging ‘means, it is: ‘sexual gratification derived from rubbing a bodily area against another person, often a stranger’.


Also known by me personally as ‘much of my late-teens’.


An LGBT+ author and sex & relationship therapist by the name of Joe Kort dropped the app developers a note suggesting it include ‘side’ options in its search and filter settings.


Kort, who claims to have invented the term back in 2013 and runs a Facebook group called ‘Side Guys‘, received a reply and shared it to social media. 


“We wanted to let you know of some good news”, said Grindr, proving that some people DO actually reply on the app.

“We have listened to your feedback and, in the next release (about 2-3 weeks away), we will be adding
“Side” as a position and a filter!”


Some other location-based queer apps, like Planet Romeo, already have the ‘side’ option, but Grindr is undeniably the largest app of its kind globally, so this is fabulous news. 


Some users online are claiming to have already got the ‘side’ option in their listings, so if you prefer your hook-ups to be more about the plethora of other enjoyable queer sexual activities, you might want to consider if you’re a side and keep checking for updates.