Russell T Davies takes zero prisoners in blistering Tory takedown while accepting award for It’s a Sin

Russell T Davies did not come to play


Crikey, while we were still recovering from Dr. Khiara Bridges’ epic takedown of anti-trans Republicans earlier this week (will pop that video below too, in case you missed it), Russell T Davies was out serving his own blistering Conservative take-down, while appearing at the South Bank Sky Arts Awards.



The man behind It’s a Sin and Queer as Folk didn’t hold back his thoughts on the current Conservative government in the UK, letting them know exactly what he thought during an acceptance speech.


The screenwriter and producer collected the award for Best TV Drama at the awards, which was held on Sunday and broadcast on Wednesday evening (July 13), and used his time onstage to address the government’s plan to privatise Channel 4 – the broadcaster for both IaS and QaF.

After telling the audience it was an “immense privilege” it was to work on the series, the Doctor Who showrunner then likened the government to a rabid “wounded dog” that “bites everyone”, then warning the audience that “the things the tories say they’ll do, they do”.


“I’d also like to say while I’ve got this stage, [It’s A Sin] was made by Channel 4,” Russell said.


“Public service broadcaster, dedicated to making this sort of programme. We know the government has said they are going to sell that off… I know the government is wounded at the moment, it’s like a wounded dog and a wounded dog bites everyone and rabies will spread. It’s still in danger.

“They said they are selling Channel 4 and they’ve said they’re stopping the licence fee by 2027 and we have to realise the things the tories say they’ll do, they do, they’re very good at that. We’re full of doubt, they’re not, they will do this. This is wrong.”

It’s a Sin (Channel 4)

Russell then directly addressed tory voters sat in the audience and watching at home.

“I know I’m kind of speaking to the converted but there’s money in this room and if there’s money in a room then that means there’s tory voters in here,” Russell said to cheers from the audience.

“You are here and you’re certainly watching at home so please know you are voting for murderers, bastards, abusers and liars.”


Just when we thought we couldn’t love the man more! 



Channel 4 launched in the UK in 1982, as a publicly-owned, commercially-funded public service broadcaster. Its remit is to deliver content to under-served audiences and has, as such, been responsible for a number of historic gay and queer focused shows that many advocates say simply would not have made it to air had the broadcaster not been around.


Davies has spoken on a number of occasions about having to fight for shows like It’s a Sin and original Queer as Folk to get them made.


Many social media users applauded Davies’ speech, hailing him a hero, including stand-up comic Susie McCabe who tweeted: “Russell T. Davies has made programmes that have changed long held views on people like me. This speech might be the most important thing he has ever said”


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