WATCH: US government puts out video to make sure trans students feel supported

Dr Rachel Levine, the Assistant Secretary for Health

What a difference and administration makes. President Biden made it clear from the start that he is an ally so as well as the most diverse picks for the top jobs, he’s also holding true on his word to protect trans rights and people. 


Kristen Clarke, the assistant attorney general for civil rights at the Department of Justice said that teachers and school administrators are working to make schools “safe and welcoming places for all students, including LGBTQI students”.


Referencing the current spate of politically motivated anti-trans laws that Republican held states are trying to push through, Clarke also said in the video: “In some places, people in positions of authority are putting obstacles that would keep you from playing on the sports field, accessing the bathroom and receiving the supportive and life-saving care you may need”


Watch the full video below: