UK opposition leaders stand up for trans rights after recent damning report


The leaders of the opposition Labour party in the UK have supported trans rights with deputy leader Angela Rayner saying “Women’s rights are not in conflict with trans rights, our fight is your fight.”


Journalists have been widely condemned for bringing up the question of whether ‘only women have a cervix’ after Canterbury MP Rosie Duffield was adamant this was the case only to be called a ‘dinosaur’ from within her own party and Kier Starmer saying her views were ‘not right’. She then didn’t go to the conference due to violent threats which she herself came from misogynistic men. 


This comes less than a week after a damning report on LGBTQ+ hate said that the UK was on a par with Russia, Turkey and Poland mainly due to transphobia, which also comes from within the gay community it has to be said.


Rayner went on to say: “All of us in politics, in public life, and in the media have an absolute duty of care to how we talk about these issues. Think about if somebody is struggling with their gender identity, and might already be struggling with bullying or feeling isolated. My instinct is to put my arm around that person, to stand by that person, and that has always been the attitude of our movement and our party.”


Transphobia has blossomed under the Tory government, spurred on by people with a platform that should know better. Mentioning no names… or rather she that shall not be named.