San Francisco leads the way becoming the first US city to recognise Transgender History Month



History being made. 


San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced that the city will celebrate Transgender History Month annually in August to “reflect and celebrate the progress” the city has made and recognise the work that still remains to achieve equality. 


“For the first time in our country, today we declared the month of August, Transgender History Month in San Francisco”, the mayor said on Twitter.

“Our transgender community that has been a beacon of resilience and strength. This month we will reflect and celebrate the progress we’ve made”.



The proclamation signing at SF City Hall, on 24 August, celebrates the historical and cultural milestones, whilst marking the 55th anniversary of the Compton’s Cafeteria Riots.


The 1966 riots were a protest against the violent and constant police harassment of drag queens and trans people, particularly trans women, and marked the beginning of transgender activism in San Francisco.


Often considered the first demonstration for LGBTQ+ rights in America’s history, it proceeded the more commonly discussed 1969 Stonewall riots in New York City.


The month is set to honour the braveness of those advocating for trans rights, as well as the vibrancy of trans culture more generally and the city will invest in projects geared toward the gay and transgender community.  This includes such things as a guaranteed income project, mental health assistance, and an LGBT+ museum, Breed said.


“I am honored to join the transgender community today to declare August as Transgender History Month in San Francisco,” said Mayor Breed.


“Our transgender community has a rich cultural history in this city and is so important to our diverse identity. San Francisco has been and always will be a place where everyone can seek refuge, sanctuary, and safety. Today, we celebrate both our city’s pride and the transgender community.”


To find out more about how the community investments included in the budget here