Proud Boys’ ‘Straight Pride’ in California unsurprisingly ends in a brawl


The far-right hate group Proud Boys really are much more embarrassing than they are proud. They decided to hold a ‘straight pride’ at the weekend and to the surprise of roughly no-one, it ended in fist-fights and bear spray.

The town of Modesto in California was the place of choice for their shameful display of bigotry but pro-LGBTQ activists and anti-fascist protestors joined forces challenging the Proud Boys who came to prominence under the watchful encouraging eye of white supremacist-in-chief Donald Trump.

Many of the Proud Boys were arrested and charged with multiple hate crimes as well as a significant number of them getting charged for their roles in the January 6 riots and insurrection at the Capitol, spurred on by Trump himself. 

This isn’t he first time this has happened with an attempt to hold ‘straight pride’ in the same place 2 years ago (see clip below). Some people just don’t seem to get the message.