Marjorie Taylor Greene thinks Pride month ‘needs to end’ and the internet has some thoughts

Which scientist wants to tell her it's not an STI?

Marjorie Taylor Greene has outdone herself with more hideous homophobia, just in time for Pride Month. 


Possessed bargain basement troll doll Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene decided to mark Pride 2022 with a festive message including a call for it to be – wait for it – CANCELLED. 


The latest vile tweet manages to not only completely miss the entire point of Pride, but also is just another fine example of the stupidity and hypocrisy at the cornerstone of far-right propaganda. 


Proving that literally ANYONE can be voted into Congress irrespective of their understanding on public holidays, but  preferentially if their reputation is built on peddling lies, transphobic rhetoric, conspiracy theories and hate-mongering, MTG tweeted:


“Only one day each year, we honor military members who died serving our country for ALL of us to be free. #PrideMonth and the millions in spending through corporations & our government on LGBTQ sexual identity needs to end.”


Clearly missing the fact that May is, in fact, Military Appreciation Month (see rebuttal tweets below) and also seemingly forgetting that she once posted that joining the military was akin to “throwing your life away”, because of President Joe Biden’s foreign policies, all while still supporting draft dodging Donald ‘bone spurs’ Trump’s latest lies.

Understandably, the internet had some thoughts. 


The tweet condemning Pride comes shortly after Greene, on her podcast, declared that, “Probably in about four or five generations, no one will be straight anymore. Everyone will be either gay or trans or nonconforming.”

So at least it’s not all bad news, we guess. 


Greene’s peddling of hate speech only proves that our goals have not been achieved and in fact that there is the very real risk of societal attitudes actually regressing, thanks to the likes of her and other GOP politicians branding innocent queer folk with slurs like ‘groomer’.


We cannot STRESS enough how important it is to register to vote and relegate the likes of Marjorie Taylor Greene to the darkest echelons of political irrelevance.